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Nov 20th, '08, 11:31
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by CDS » Nov 20th, '08, 11:31

Greetings from North Carolina. I have been a reader here for some time and have learned much from all of your experiences.
I have been drinking tea for several years and began the journey with green and white teas. I discovered Puerh a little over a year ago, and really haven't looked back! I still enjoy a good quality black & Oolong, but Puerh has become a passion. The past few months I have been concentrating on my Gongfu techniques and starting a collection of tea for the future. I try not to take it too serious and just have fun and enjoy!
Now that I have registered, I hope to maybe start participating in some of the great discussions here.
Thanks for having me on,

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Nov 20th, '08, 11:49
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by Vulture » Nov 20th, '08, 11:49


(oh noes a Myspace style avatar/picture. *runs away in fear*) :D

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Nov 20th, '08, 11:56
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Contact: Victoria

by Victoria » Nov 20th, '08, 11:56

Welcome! Glad you joined us!

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Nov 20th, '08, 13:20
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by olivierco » Nov 20th, '08, 13:20


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Nov 20th, '08, 13:57
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by Trey Winston » Nov 20th, '08, 13:57

Welcome :D

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Nov 20th, '08, 21:29
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by leiche » Nov 20th, '08, 21:29


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Nov 21st, '08, 10:45
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by Chip » Nov 21st, '08, 10:45

Welcome indeed!!! Don't be a stranger. Be sure to share what is in your cup on TeaDay!

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Nov 28th, '08, 17:44
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by Trioxin » Nov 28th, '08, 17:44


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Nov 28th, '08, 21:21
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by chamekke » Nov 28th, '08, 21:21

Howdy, Chris!

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Nov 28th, '08, 22:51
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by geeber1 » Nov 28th, '08, 22:51

Hi Chris, welcome to TeaChat! My daughter lives near Asheville, it's beautiful there in N.C.!

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