Hello tea lovers

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Dec 6th, '08, 04:25
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Hello tea lovers

by cuppacha » Dec 6th, '08, 04:25

I have always loved my cuppa but this was usually my favourite brand of ordinary breakfast tea! Now that I have stumbled upon this site with so much interesting information about tea I look forward to learning and trying out some of the lovely varieties of teas out there. :D

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Dec 6th, '08, 04:51
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by Vulture » Dec 6th, '08, 04:51

V'elcome and may the T-Virus spread to those around you.

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Dec 6th, '08, 05:28
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by Victoria » Dec 6th, '08, 05:28


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Dec 6th, '08, 05:54
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by olivierco » Dec 6th, '08, 05:54


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Dec 6th, '08, 06:29
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by Trey Winston » Dec 6th, '08, 06:29

Welcome :D

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Dec 6th, '08, 08:59
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by Chip » Dec 6th, '08, 08:59

Welcome Cuppacha to TeaChat! I hope you enjoy the ride.

Please share what is in your "cuppa cha" wink: on TeaDay :!:

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Dec 6th, '08, 11:55
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by auggy » Dec 6th, '08, 11:55

Welcome! Lots of tea lovelies out there so enjoy finding them. Folks on here will make it dangerously easy!

Dec 6th, '08, 17:15
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by sheila77551 » Dec 6th, '08, 17:15

Welcome Cuppacha, enjoy!

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Dec 7th, '08, 19:39
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by leiche » Dec 7th, '08, 19:39


We can certainly help you get carried away.

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Dec 7th, '08, 21:41
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by Riene » Dec 7th, '08, 21:41

Welcome to TeaChat! This is a great place to learn!

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