Greetings from North Carolina

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Jan 5th, '09, 20:20
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Greetings from North Carolina

by Gooner24 » Jan 5th, '09, 20:20

I'm brand new here and just placed my first order this afternoon. I'm very excited for my package to arrive. I've decided to cut out soda this year and was looking for other beverages that were better for me and had some flavor. So I thought I'd try some tea.

I look forward to becoming an active member of the community and welcome and advice and recommendations as I get into drinking teas.

I tend to like things sweet and am really excited to try the flavor teas. If you folks can recommend teas in the other categories for a palette like mine, I'd appreciate it.

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Jan 5th, '09, 20:58
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by Chip » Jan 5th, '09, 20:58

Welcome to the world of tea, Gooner, and congrats on your resolution. By all means, try the flavors, but you should also try non flavored as well so you can better determine what pleases you. There is a lifetime of teas to try. I am approaching 10 years and have really just scratched the surface. So, be patient. It is instinct to want to try everything at once.

Also welcome to TeaChat, be sure to share what is in your cup on TeaDay.

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Jan 5th, '09, 22:01
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by Victoria » Jan 5th, '09, 22:01

If you like flavors stick with the black teas.
Try some non flavored oolongs too.

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Jan 6th, '09, 06:24
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by Trey Winston » Jan 6th, '09, 06:24

Welcome :D

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Jan 6th, '09, 10:50
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by olivierco » Jan 6th, '09, 10:50


Jan 6th, '09, 11:57
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by disillusioned » Jan 6th, '09, 11:57

Welcome Welcome

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Jan 6th, '09, 13:42
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Re: Greetings from North Carolina

by chamekke » Jan 6th, '09, 13:42

Welcome Gooner24! {waves}

This forum really helped expand my tea awareness, so I think you will have a great time here. The members are extremely helpful, and of course, we are all very willing to share our opinions :wink:

Adagio is also a wonderful place to start exploring teas. Not only are their teas generally quite good, their sample sizes are very affordable and you can try all kinds of teas at comparatively little expense.

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