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Jan 16th, '09, 22:20
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Hello from summery Melbourne, Australia

by ericnicolaas » Jan 16th, '09, 22:20

Hello there tea lovers!

It's cool to find a nice forum of people as crazy about tea as myself. :D

I'm currently smitten by white peony tea I picked up in New Zealand, and a Tung Ting Oolong I received for Christmas from a friend at work. I've also got some Darjeeling in the mail - can't wait till that arrives.

As for the rest of me... I'm 24, married and becoming a dad in 3 months or so. :shock: I work for a couple travel websites online and also have two blogs of my own: one about a soccer/football team down here in Melbourne, and another about, you guessed it, tea!


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Jan 16th, '09, 22:24
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by geeber1 » Jan 16th, '09, 22:24

Welcome from wintery North America!

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Jan 17th, '09, 05:10
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by Trey Winston » Jan 17th, '09, 05:10

Welcome :D

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Jan 17th, '09, 05:17
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by olivierco » Jan 17th, '09, 05:17


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Jan 17th, '09, 07:59
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by Victoria » Jan 17th, '09, 07:59

Welcome to the Forum!

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Jan 17th, '09, 12:14
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by Shelob » Jan 17th, '09, 12:14

WOW, Melbourne, wish I were there 8)
Welcome to the best forum around, enjoy a cuppa with us in TeaDay :)

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Jan 17th, '09, 12:21
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by Beidao » Jan 17th, '09, 12:21

Welcome! Tea Blog Link, pleeease...? :wink:

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Jan 17th, '09, 13:06
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by danibob » Jan 17th, '09, 13:06

Welcome! Congratulations on the bundle of joy soon to come!

I'd kill for your summer weather right now. :lol:

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Jan 18th, '09, 01:31
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by Chip » Jan 18th, '09, 01:31

Hello to Eric in the land down under. It is brutally cold here right now, wish I was there.

Welcome to TeaChat, please share what is in your cup on TeaDay, if you please.

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Jan 18th, '09, 04:16
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by ericnicolaas » Jan 18th, '09, 04:16

Thanks for the chorus of welcomes! Sorry it's so cold for you folks up in the north. I won't taunt you with details of the beautiful summery day we're having at the moment, with clear blue skies and the evening sun pouring through the eucalyptus trees...

Tea blog link: If you drop by the site, feel free to say hi!

Jan 21st, '09, 19:57
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by sheila77551 » Jan 21st, '09, 19:57

Welcome ericnicolaas,
Congratulations on your upcoming new joy!

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