Jan 17th, '09, 17:26
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I'm a new member, looking for recommendations.

by Joie » Jan 17th, '09, 17:26

Hi everyone. I'm brand new to the world of tea. Until very recently I had a two pot a day coffee habit, tea just wasn't really in my frame of reference. When I quit smoking a couple of months ago I found that coffee really triggered my cravings for cigarettes, so I decided to try tea for a while. I went to the grocery and bought a Twinings sampler of black teas. I was surprised at the varieties of flavors. I just had no idea. Two days later, and I'm back at the grocery store looking at the teas. I found something called Lapsang Souchong. I had no idea what it was, I just liked the sound of it. I took the Lapsang Souchong home, and I was hooked.
I tried most everything at the grocery store before it occurred to me that there were probably better places to buy tea. I found a place called Charleston Tea Company close to home, and I've been buying 1 oz samples of various things. My problem is I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm hoping that some of you can make some recommendations for me. What are some basic things I should try?
This is weird, I haven't been this excited about something like this for a long time.
Thank you all.


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Jan 17th, '09, 17:35
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by olivierco » Jan 17th, '09, 17:35


Adagio's samplers are a good choice. They sell one or two for each type of tea.


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Jan 17th, '09, 17:58
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by Trey Winston » Jan 17th, '09, 17:58

Welcome :D

Olivierco's advice is wise.

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Jan 17th, '09, 18:20
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by Victoria » Jan 17th, '09, 18:20

Welcome! Yes I agree also, the Adagio samplers are the way to go.
But I would not buy the sets, rather opt for single choices. You can also
sort the columns for "by rating" for each kind of tea. And then
do read about them in the reviews.

After tried a few, you will learn your preferences, and then learn more about
finding the best of those teas and optimal brewing techniques.

Jan 17th, '09, 18:34
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by Joie » Jan 17th, '09, 18:34

Hmmm, this is good advice. How exactly do I opt for the single choice on the samplers.

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Jan 17th, '09, 18:39
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by Victoria » Jan 17th, '09, 18:39

You wouldn't be able to get single choice on the sampler sets -
I meant just opt for buying the individual sample sizes of the
teas you are interested in.

They usually range from $2 to $5 each.

Jan 17th, '09, 18:48
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by Joie » Jan 17th, '09, 18:48

Of course, thanks so much.

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Jan 17th, '09, 19:20
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by fencerdenoctum » Jan 17th, '09, 19:20


Welcome to Teachat. If it is tea recs you are looking for, we all have quite a grand list of teas we like. Hopefully you'll find a few you like yourself!

I hear Lapsang is one of those teas that you either love or hate at first sip. I'm glad you like it. Like my other TC pals, I recommend trying some of the Adagio samplers. They provide a good range of flavor, and are delicious. My faves from Adagio are their Earl Grey Bravo, Yunnan Gold, and their Ti Kuan Yin oolong.

Glad to have you with us, and hope you stick around for many cups and good conversation.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Jan 17th, '09, 22:37
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by Chip » Jan 17th, '09, 22:37

Hi and welcome to TeaChat, Joie! Please also visit us on TeaDay and share what is in your cup.

I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

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Jan 18th, '09, 12:49
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by Beidao » Jan 18th, '09, 12:49

Lapsang Souchong was one of the teas I really loved when I was a newbie. I still drink it ocassionally. It occurs to me that maybe you like the coffee-like, darker and more "rough" teas? If then, I would recommend staying with black teas and dark oolongs for a while. Base your buys on what sort of tools you have. Some teas tastes way better with a gaiwan, for example, and I guess you don't have that. But most blacks are quite easy brews and does well without fancy ware.

Good luck! You're always welcome to ask questions!

Greetings from Sweden, Beidao

Jan 18th, '09, 13:17
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by Joie » Jan 18th, '09, 13:17

Thanks for all your suggestions. I actually am not crazy about a lot of black teas. Every time I taste one I just want to put sugar in it, habit or conditioning maybe. Oolongs on the other hand I rally like, and I just tried a Genmai Cha that I can't get enough of. Last night I ordered fifteen samples from Adagio and Dens. I can't wait!!!
So much for all that money I was going to save when I quit smoking.

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Jan 19th, '09, 10:27
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by Shelob » Jan 19th, '09, 10:27

Hi and welcome Joie!
Glad you quit smoking, it will help you to enjoy TEA all the more 8)

Jan 21st, '09, 19:53
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by sheila77551 » Jan 21st, '09, 19:53

Welcome Joie,
It sounds as tho you are having fun. Enjoy!

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