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Jan 9th, '06, 04:40
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Hello Everyone!

by PeteVu » Jan 9th, '06, 04:40

Just wondering how everyone is doing this holiday season! I havent checked in a while, but dont worry, im still alive and loving tea. Ive actually had several cups a day since my winter vacation started. I couldnt be more relaxed! you guys popped into my head and I had to stop into the forums and say hi. I play World of Warcraft now, so that really cuts into my TeaChat time.

Just yesterday I went to Teavana for the first time. There is a teavana in the Galleria Mall of Houston (a very popular mall around here). I have to say, the prices are steep (although I realize I HAVE been spoiled by adagio prices) but the tea is excelent. Its of high quality and tastes delicous. I bought 2oz Gunpowder for myself. Its higher quality than adagio, but at a higher price aswell. the flavor is more subtle and a pleasure to drink anytime or alone. I usually reserve the stronger adagio gunpowder for snacking with sweet foods. The leaves are 90% whole and unbroken, which really pleases me. ^^ I also picked up some jasmine pearls which I have yet to try.

sorry for the long post guys. if you know me, you know its uncharacteristic of me, but its just been so long! i hope to talk to yall more often once the spring semester starts (14 credit hours of PURE chemistry O.o). cyall and enjoy the rest of the holiday season! (oh no, its not over YET! ^^)

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Jan 9th, '06, 12:14
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by klemptor » Jan 9th, '06, 12:14

Congrats, LadyA! Australia was good, then, I take it? ;)

I'll get that Assam out in the mail to you in the next couple of days now that you're back.

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Jan 9th, '06, 13:07
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by cess » Jan 9th, '06, 13:07

How wonderful LadyArden! Congratulations!

Welcome back Pete.

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Jan 9th, '06, 13:24
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by LavenderPekoe » Jan 9th, '06, 13:24

Congrats Lady A! I am glad to see you made it back and had such a wonderful time. :)

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Jan 9th, '06, 18:21
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by teaspoon » Jan 9th, '06, 18:21

Congratulations, Lady Arden! That's really awesome :)

I'm glad both of you had good holidays. But Pete, I'm so sorry to hear about your World of Warcrack addiction. We're all here for support if/when you decide to finally kick the habit :wink:


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