Why do you start drinking Oolong tea?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Mar 1st 11 9:05 pm
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Re: Why do you start drinking Oolong tea?

by rabbit » Mar 1st 11 9:05 pm

I always see this description of oolong as "somewhere between green and black tea" ... I feel it's a bit misleading to people who aren't experienced in oolongs ...

Maybe this description applies to production, but when it comes to flavor I think oolong can be anywhere from tasting LIKE green and black teas to being in a class of it's own.

May 14th 11 3:12 am
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Re: Why do you start drinking Oolong tea?

by rosmarinaus » May 14th 11 3:12 am

Chih Ting wrote:Why do you start drinking Oolong?

I love tea, especially Oolong.
my first cup of oolong was made by my mom. She usually had a cup of tea to warm up her day. When i was a little girl, i always wonder that was inside and always want to try it. I thought what if i have a cup of that and I may act like mom beauty and mature. All the imagination makes oolong to become a power of magic. Indeed, once i learn how to appreciate oolong, the beauty of tea is even stronger.
What a wonderful memory. It makes me think of my mother, a pianist, who played Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms while I listened as a child. To this day these composers' music is among my favorites.

I've only just started to drink oolongs, and the variation in flavors during the multiple infusions is really fascinating me. The Da Hong Pao that I've been drinking lately puts me in a calm, meditative mood that suits me very well at the end of a long day.

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May 21st 11 5:56 pm
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Re: Why do you start drinking Oolong tea?

by siae » May 21st 11 5:56 pm

I tasted some Dong Ding in a tea store and was immediately hooked. The fragrance and long aftertaste was like nothing I have tasted before.

I now have my own gong fu cha-set with dong ding and Tie Guan Yin tea. The best part is smelling the lid after brewing the TGY. It's a unique and heavenly fragrance, yet there is something familiar to it.

My oolongs is running out so just ordered some of this years Dong Ding and I'm also going to try Dan Cong. Very exciting :)