Teavana's Ti Kuan Yin tastes like pu!

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Feb 15th 07 10:33 pm
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by Libertatis » Feb 15th 07 10:33 pm


I should be receiving some January 2007 picked Ali Shan today or tomorrow, i will post after i taste it! :)

2007 A-Li-Shan Hand-Harvested Winter "Petals" Oolong

http://www.houdeasianart.com/index.php? ... cts_id=675

Feb 16th 07 6:16 pm
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Re: Teavana's Ti Kuan Yin tastes like pu!

by OT » Feb 16th 07 6:16 pm

Jasmine Green wrote:Just tasted Teavana's Ti Kuan Yin today and it tastes too "earthy" and reminded me of their Pu-Erh. You can read my other post about Teavana's Pu-Erh (ick) tasting like someone tramped through a musty cave in hiking boots then tramped all over the tea leaves. I didn't buy any leaves, just let the yutz behind the counter brew up a cup for me to try. Compared to Upton's Ti Guan Yin, there is a HUGE difference.
The Ti Kuan Yin you tasted must be of those the lowest quality that are selling in Asia. A good quality Ti Kuan Yin not suppose to taste "earthy". For your information, chinese use the low grade TKY as an daily offering to the diety...how do i know, cos i come from Asia.