Medium Roast TGY

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Oct 6th, '09, 22:13
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Re: Medium Roast TGY

by Maitre_Tea » Oct 6th, '09, 22:13

Wow, it looks like JAS e-Tea is really differentiating itself from selling only Yunnan Sourcing stuff, and branching off to sell their own sourced products too! :D

It seems that Stephen is very good at communicating with his suppliers, and finally clarifying one of questions I have about dark roasted TGY: is it really "fresh" stuff or is it just stale tea? I wonder what kind Stephen is going to carry. But whether it's roasted fresh TGY or roasted stale TGY, I'll take what I can get, especially in light of the go-green trend in TGY oxidation/roasting.

Oct 6th, '09, 22:27
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Re: Medium Roast TGY

by Intuit » Oct 6th, '09, 22:27

I would also like to know the vendors prices on a per unit basis. Would also like to know if this vendor would cut a group deal for purchase (eg., we use a code word in say a coupon code box to receive special bulk pricing).

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Oct 7th, '09, 01:28
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Re: Medium Roast TGY

by Oni » Oct 7th, '09, 01:28

Sorry I was mixing up these terms, I meant oxidization, I read somewhere the same thing that chicagoteapot... wrote about.

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Oct 7th, '09, 07:33
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Re: Medium Roast TGY

by Ritva » Oct 7th, '09, 07:33

Another Hong Kong shop, Sunsing Tea, has Roasted Monkey Pick TGY
and Strong Taste Best Ti Kwun Yin
Has anyone tried these or other oolongs from Sunsing? I think they are known for their pu erhs (oldest are more than 100 years!) but what about their other teas? Note that the prices are in HK dollars, not USD.

Oct 7th, '09, 08:14
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Re: Medium Roast TGY

by Zanaspus » Oct 7th, '09, 08:14

wyardley wrote:
Zanaspus wrote: I'll continue on my crusade for roasting any fermentation level of tea. One of the best teas I've ever had was a 70's baozhong, which was obviously roasted several times in its life.
Fermentation isn't the same thing as oxidation, and baozhong isn't inherently low or no oxidization.
My bad, I should have typed oxidation.

Could you point me to some highly oxidized baozhongs please? You have piqued my curiosity.

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