Alishan vs. Lishan

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Apr 25th, '10, 16:34
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Re: Alishan vs. Lishan

by rhondabee » Apr 25th, '10, 16:34

I'm really liking a winter 2009 Zhong Shu Hu Alishan oolong from Tea from Taiwan that has now developed a fruity scent/flavor after a couple of months. I am actually liking it better than the Lishans I have. However, I think I like the Long Feng Xia (Shan Lin Xi) the best, so for me this winter, the Shan Lin Xi trumps both the Lishan and Alishan!

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Apr 25th, '10, 22:44
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Re: Alishan vs. Lishan

by Tead Off » Apr 25th, '10, 22:44

Their Wu Ling is also very good, from Li shan.

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Apr 25th, '10, 22:53
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Re: Alishan vs. Lishan

by iannon » Apr 25th, '10, 22:53

its been a toss up for me between the long feng xia and the wu ling..both quite good.

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May 10th, '10, 19:11
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Re: Alishan vs. Lishan

by Bubba_tea » May 10th, '10, 19:11

I've recently gone through a couple of orders of Taiwanese teas and found that FLT really was the best of the bunch as far as DYL was concerned. There was very little cha qi in the other samples from zen8tea and teahome on ebay. I would give teahome an edge as the pellets were more uniform in size - but the leaves in general were a little thin, and flavor lacking. Both vendor's shan lin xi was probably better than their dyl. Tea from Taiwan (TOT) had better cha qi in their dyl selection but the other teas in the sample packs were a little too similar - but I would probably order a moderately priced one in a larger bag for an 'everyday' tea. TOT had thicker leaves that stood up to more infusions than either teahome or zen8tea. Overall, I preferred the FLT teas as I felt the various teas were more distinct from one another and the dyl had more cha qi than the TOT dyl.

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May 10th, '10, 20:41
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Re: Alishan vs. Lishan

by Victoria » May 10th, '10, 20:41


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