Can oolong tea leaves be used more than once?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Mar 9th, '06, 18:27
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by Warden Andy » Mar 9th, '06, 18:27

Phyll wrote:When I use good quality oolong leaves, I usually use them for 6-7 times, gongfu style. To prevent keeping the tea leaves for the next day or next session, I found the key is to use the right sized Yixing teapot so you won't brew too much tea for too few people. Otherwise your next cup is coming from the excess serving from the last pour (which is cold/cooler tea). All this is usually the reason the tea leaves in the teapot have not been exhausted and so you wanna keep them for next time.
I realized that too. I have a 12 oz Yixing teapot that seemed small at the time I got it (back when I liked "black" teas), but it's definately too big. So I'll be looking for about a 4 oz Yixing pot in the future just so I won't be drinking wulong all day (or the next day).

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Re: Can oolong tea leaves be used more than once?

by Mocha Wheels » Aug 22nd, '07, 23:12

Anonymous wrote:
teachat wrote:I was wondering whether one can brew oolong tea a second time. (I ordered some of the oolong #8 which should be arriving in a few days)

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Indeed, i usually get around 7 to 10 gong fu steeps from my dancong and Wuyi tea. And if you are going for some Song Zhong dancong you could be infusing the same leaves for more than 15 times -

By the way, the best way to make oolong is either way in a yixing teapot or a porcelain gaiwan - SEb
10? wow... i infuse mine 8 times. i brew all 8 cups at once vs. as i drink them and each up is 6oz of water, not 8.

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