GABA tea

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Jun 16th, '10, 07:28
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GABA tea

by tsverrir » Jun 16th, '10, 07:28

GABA tea from TeaFromTaiwan has become one of the teas that I need to have around. Until now importing it has not been a problem (I live in Iceland). But when I went to get my last order to the post office I was told that my parcel has been sent to drug inspection. OK I thought, they probably need to see if I'm importing some weed or something.

A few days later I asked if the parcel has been released. Then I was told that the parcel has been rejected, that it included GABA witch is a drug and is subject to special licensing. I tried to explain that the parcel included only tea leaves, but I was referred to the Food and Drug Administration.

Luckily I managed to find a descent person there who was willing to listen to my arguments, and after sending her some information about the tea and the processing of the tea she released the parcel.
After that I went through some trouble to get the customs to accept that the FDA had approved the tea, but that's another story.

I contacted TeaFromTaiwan and they told me that they would change the labeling on the packages to include a description of the ingredients.

I was just curious if some of you have had any similar problems when ordering tea from abroad?

-- Sverrir

Jun 16th, '10, 08:30
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Re: GABA tea

by beecrofter » Jun 16th, '10, 08:30

Here in the states the department of homeland paranoia occassionally rifles through packages of tea breaking beeng cha wrappers and damaging collectables.

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Jun 16th, '10, 09:52
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Re: GABA tea

by rabbit » Jun 16th, '10, 09:52

My postal worker was so accustomed to my having tea delivered that he would knock on the door, when I opened he'd hold the box to his ear and shake it and say "let me guess... tea?" lol! But I think he actually thought it was pot. :shock: 8) :lol:

Jul 5th, '10, 21:47

Re: GABA tea

by aKnightWhoSaysNi » Jul 5th, '10, 21:47

Hmmm, the vendors should just start putting labels on their parcels that read "ABSOLUTELY NOT DRUGS, WE PROMISE!" I'm sure that would take care of any suspicion.

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