Good Wuyi

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Oct 20th, '10, 17:49
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Good Wuyi

by noname » Oct 20th, '10, 17:49

I am starting to run low on my wuyi teas and thinking of ordering some DTH plus a couple of other varieties to try. Last time I ordered from Dragon Tea house. I looked at Jing which has a good price for DTH but higher priced other varieties. I also like Zhi but they only have one wuyi tea in their catalog.
Who else should I try?

Oct 20th, '10, 20:42
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Re: Good Wuyi

by NOESIS » Oct 20th, '10, 20:42

If you are in the States, I'd suggest Tea Gallery. Pricey, but a nice selection of high end Yencha.

Oct 20th, '10, 23:59
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Re: Good Wuyi

by cultureflip » Oct 20th, '10, 23:59
a very nice Qi Lan
aged and good
Jin Fo

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