Oolong from Thailand

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Nov 6th, '10, 11:07
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Oolong from Thailand

by ndw76 » Nov 6th, '10, 11:07

On a recent trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand I found a tea shop at the airport. Having tasted some tea there I was disappointed that I had run out of money and couldn't buy any tea. When I returned to Bangkok and back to work I was surprised to find a small tea stand in a local shopping center selling what I think is this same Thai Oolong.
So, today I bought some JingShuan Oolong Tea (number 12). A little blurb described is as: "Jin Xuan is tea species from Taiwan which could only plant in highland. Tea has a yellow light color, soft aromatic and tasty."

From what I have read this tea is very similar to a Taiwanese Oolong.

Has anyone else tried any Thai Oolongs?

Nov 6th, '10, 11:52
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Re: Oolong from Thailand

by mr. Less » Nov 6th, '10, 11:52

Sawadee krap ndw,

i have tasted some thai oolongs in the past , at first i was rather pleased with these oolongs, i really liked them
When i was up north in Thailand i went to mae salong the little mountain village where most of the thai oolong comes from.
Up there i bought a lot of 'gan awn' (sofst stem nr17) and jinxuan oolong
but now i rarely drink it , because i think the teas from taiwan are better.
But maybe next time if you are up north , go visit mae salong, and you can taste some over there yourself
personally i preferred the nr 17 oolong it was sweeter then the nr 12

I dont know where you live in Thailand, but if you are in bangkok , you better go the ongs place(thanxs Teadoff), its a nice shop friendly people and good tea

chok dee na


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