Building a Yixing Collection for Oolong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Feb 27th, '11, 10:23
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Re: Building a Yixing Collection for Oolong

by tea-awed » Feb 27th, '11, 10:23

fracol wrote:Well no offence or anything, but im only 15 so their is no way I can buy all these teapots for a decent yixing collection. Its interesting info though. Just wish I could fund such an endevor :|
There is no need too. My tea journey started when I was your age and I still have only 1 yixing for sheng pu but I can brew a mean oolong with my gaiwan :)

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Feb 27th, '11, 17:49
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Re: Building a Yixing Collection for Oolong

by David R. » Feb 27th, '11, 17:49

HB, If only you knew the number of times I had the right answer to the little quiz I made with my friend... Nothing to be proud of really...

But the test is really fun, for a start, (I love to have fun with tea) and it kind of opens your eyes on the different effects of your teapots, helping you to know them a little better.

But I must say that the more I do this kind of tests, the more the answer looks complex. My dedicated yan cha teapot is really good for a majority of them. BUT, a few of them are just better in another teapot, whereas some others are really better in a gaiwan... All of this being personal preferences in the end I guess.

An advice for beginners : stick to the gaiwan :mrgreen:

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