Can anyone varify something an old Chinese guy told me?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Dec 29th, '10, 02:05
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Re: Can anyone varify something an old Chinese guy told me?

by BioHorn » Dec 29th, '10, 02:05

I did a quick search and found this post:
Re: Leaving leaves for extended time during gongfu

New postby britt » Sep 25th, '10, 17:47
If I knew I was going out, I'd just brew some the conventional way and dump the leaves before I left. If not, I wouldn't hesitate to use the same ones when I returned. I have left oolong leaves in an Yixing overnight and they've been fine to use as-is the next morning. Japanese tea would be dumped and new leaves added, but oolongs seem to be very forgiving in this regard.
My post:
I have had the same experience. On many occasions there is just not enough time or my wife gets "teaed out." I do not want to throw out a great Oolong that has only been steeped 4-6 times.

Some great Oolongs (Phoenix and Wuyi) do well for me staying overnight (5 to 6 grams of tea in a 100ml yixing.) I swear that on the second day the tea on initial steeping tastes very good, better than the last steeping from day 1. It seems the stems seep out more flavor overnight. That flavor is then drawn out with that initial 2nd day of steeping. I have to admit to doing this with a tea in the pot for about a week with steeping every day.

I would not recommend it with the "greener" teas like sencha and light Taiwanese Oolongs.

Leaving leaves in water all night seems strange unless you were at the last steeping trying to wring out the last bit of flavor.

It seems a number of people do this. Maybe it would be a good topic for a poll.

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Re: Can anyone varify something an old Chinese guy told me?

by ABx » Jan 1st, '11, 00:59

I think that the main thing is just not to start a tea that you can't bear to throw out half-finished if you can't finish it within 24 hours :)

Soaking the leaves in even cold water will continue to brew them, rather than keep them. As others have stated, you can let used-up leaves steep overnight to get the last bit out of them, but it won't preserve the leaf so that you can pick up where you left off.

When I have leaf that's been out more than about 24 hours, I just consider that I probably didn't really want it that bad and move on to what I do want at the moment. There's only been a couple of times that I regretted it, and that's because I thought it was something else.

Jan 4th, '11, 19:56
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Re: Can anyone varify something an old Chinese guy told me?

by ajiaojiao » Jan 4th, '11, 19:56

Overnight cannot drink,is bad for body.Tea is frozen to continue to use? Don't know who said that, but it's clear that is wrong. Tea long soak, inside the material has been changed, is not frozen drink again, but this kind of teato have other USES, such as flowers, drying do tea pillow, wash hair -- -- -- -

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