How much is too much Oolong tea?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Jan 24th, '11, 23:07
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Re: How much is too much Oolong tea?

by TIM » Jan 24th, '11, 23:07

Well, I go thru 25g or more tea per day at least. And I am not stopping :lol:

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Jan 25th, '11, 06:29
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Re: How much is too much Oolong tea?

by solitude » Jan 25th, '11, 06:29

I have also my limit of tea. My stomach is quite sensitive to everithink so if I drink tea, I drink it slovely, in small amounts and rather often than once and lot. In my case the quality of the tea is important to prevent any digestation problems. And yep, never drink tea on empty stomach.

Jan 25th, '11, 07:34
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Re: How much is too much Oolong tea?

by alan logan » Jan 25th, '11, 07:34

I wasn't even aware too much wulong was possible. :wink:

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Jan 25th, '11, 16:30
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Re: How much is too much Oolong tea?

by ali » Jan 25th, '11, 16:30

AlexZorach wrote:With oolong tea, I notice that a single cup tends to be milder on my body than black or green tea of similar-tasting strength. However, if I sit there and make many infusions of an oolong, it can get to be too much.

Yeah that's it. There's something to those multiple infusions, because when I drink something like two cups of earl grey, and then a cup of oolong a little later, all that happens is that I can tell I have a lot of caffeine in me. It does not give me a headache though.

With Oolong when I infuse it many times, the effects kind of just creep up on me. I feel fine, and I don't even feel like I do after drinking coffee, but then I get a bad long lasting headache. This only happens when I drink 6 cups though, and on an empty stomach.

As for stomach upsets, I don't get them from tea. Well I get a very short lasting stomach upset sometimes after drinking Pu-erh, but for the most part tea usually makes my stomach feel better.

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Jan 25th, '11, 21:29
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Re: How much is too much Oolong tea?

by iannon » Jan 25th, '11, 21:29

hmm..never too much..i am oblivious or impoervious to I drink late at night. never had any stomach issues either.
but in actuality outside of long tea days on the weekends my tea drinking doesnt start til dinner time and goes on til i go to bed after midnight. but that may be only one session of multiple steeps if its an Oolong or now Pu's

Feb 4th, '11, 13:44
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Re: How much is too much Oolong tea?

by TEAroma » Feb 4th, '11, 13:44

try some aged oolong tea. it can comfort your stomach easier than the fresh tea.

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