Taiwanese oolongs 2011

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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May 27th, '11, 15:25
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Re: Taiwanese oolongs 2011

by teaisme » May 27th, '11, 15:25

yeah I've noticed the copy and pasted descriptions too
Unfortunate, but not uncommon, even among vendors I regard pretty highly like jingteashop.

Come on a little effort please? At least for your nice teas...

May 28th, '11, 00:20
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Re: Taiwanese oolongs 2011

by stainless » May 28th, '11, 00:20

Well that... sucks.. I hope my Jin Xuan i ordered is a 2011 harvest...

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May 28th, '11, 05:17
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Re: Taiwanese oolongs 2011

by solitude » May 28th, '11, 05:17

I also ordered from DTH several packages of teas, and one green (bi lo chun) is most probably from last year, practically no higher fragrances. when I was ordering it the harwest year was stated as 2011. I am quite dissapointed.
I dont understand why they risk the trust of their customers.

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May 29th, '11, 06:38
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Re: Taiwanese oolongs 2011

by bagua7 » May 29th, '11, 06:38

If you aren't sure order from Teamasters, Stephane has the good habit of marking his teas with the exact harvesting date. For example:

Tea: Gao Shan Jinxuan Oolong
Origin: Ali Shan (1400m), Taiwan
Harvest: Spring 2011 (April 14)

I really value this kind of service. Kudos to him. :)

Oct 27th, '11, 03:20
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Re: Taiwanese oolongs 2011

by djlau » Oct 27th, '11, 03:20

In my opinion, for Taiwan High Mountain Oolong the exact date of harvest is irrelevant because there are only 2 pickings per year, and no multiple flushes like dragonwell or darjeeling.

If I were buying online, I would definitely want to talk to the person(s) that run the store(s) in consideration. This kind of service is something we emphasize and a philosophy that we've adapted from game changers like Zappos. Through all the descriptions, I still feel tea is a product that people are more likely to buy if they can touch, see, smell, and feel it. You're never going to be able to do that online, but at talking to an honest seller is one step closer.
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