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Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Jul 1st, '11, 20:05
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Re: TeaHabitat-All 20% off-sale til 2morrow

by bob » Jul 1st, '11, 20:05

Nenugal wrote: First impression is that it is a bit mild and not too much going on apart from "regular dancong taste" (whatever that is), but after a couple of sips, I suddenly notice notes of sweet-sour fruit (lychee/rambutan/longan?), a very nice honey-like sweetness, a smell of something slightly roasted, and some flowery softness (now I have to smell an orchid to compare...). The aftertaste is really long and fruity-sweet and finally turns into something sweet-spicy.
Great description! I'm glad you like the tea. I wish I could describe it so poetically!

Since then, I've brewed it a couple more times, I got more used to it and I can detect a bit more of the interesting flavours. They are quite mild but there is quite a long aftertaste. But I have to admit that I like my tea strong, so I'm probably a bit biased... I'll try to consider that while reading tea reviews... :)

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