Taiwanese oolong brewing

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Mar 4th, '12, 12:35
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Re: Taiwanese oolong brewing

by FlyedPiper » Mar 4th, '12, 12:35

This thread is an eye-opener for me... I will have to try using less leaf and longer steep times on my gaoshans. Might be a better method for personal brewing, as I'd prefer to not let my greener leaves sit in the gaiwan overnight.

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Mar 6th, '12, 19:49
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Re: Taiwanese oolong brewing

by MIKE_B » Mar 6th, '12, 19:49

I like my tea on the strong side. For Taiwanese I've had good results with about 6g in 100ml gaiwan. Usually a flash rinse then a 30s to 45s first steep. I adjust after that. A few seconds more or less on the next. Then I add about 30s to each next steep. The expanded leaf loosely fills the gaiwan.

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