Teance Anxi Tieguanyin #1

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Aug 16th, '11, 17:17
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Teance Anxi Tieguanyin #1

by Herb_Master » Aug 16th, '11, 17:17

In 2008 (late on) I ordered some Dancongs and TieGuanYin from Teance.

I tried them all and moved on.

I started to order DC from Hou De (Big White Leaf) and DTH (Big Dark Leaf and others) and found I liked them better, or at least much more interesting. Then I found Imen :D :D :D

I found TGY from Rich Barbarian which knocked my socks off, and then Wanling UK came up with my favourite TGY.

My real focus however was always on Yan Cha and DC, so occasionally refreshing my stocks from Wanling was usually sufficient for my needs.

For 3 Tuesday Evenings now, I have been brewing Oolong down at the pub for interested regulars. 1 of whom (Jody) prefers the greener style oolongs. With others in the first 2 weeks also preferring Greener Oolongs, and in the context of demonstrating greater variety usually restricting each pot to about 3 infusions before trying another tea - :( my stocks of greener oolongs are diminishing :(

I have still got about 20 Dcs and 50 Yan Chas to go at :lol:

Reluctant to totally exhaust my Wanling and Hojo green oolongs - I chanced in a cupboard upon a half consumed bag of teance's Anxi Tieguanyin #1 - in it's resealable packet - so took it along tonight :?: :(

I was expecting it to be stale and lacklustre :oops:

Not easy to get lots of waste water away from the pub tables, so dispensed with a wash - the first infusion was anaemic and very disappointing. :cry: :cry: The first brew became the wash and was discarded.

The second brew was successful :o

The 3rd and 4th brews were spectacular :D :D
Plenty of Green notes, and some lasting mineral edges with a more than decent body.- so while the other punters were enjoying a very nice Shui Xian Yan Cha, I helped Jody with the Teance TGY :roll: