TeaChat Photo Problems!

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Nov 13th 11 6:54 pm
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TeaChat Photo Problems!

by Chip » Nov 13th 11 6:54 pm

I have been working on an anthology topic going back a few years, look for it soon.

This does bring up a bit of a problem with projects like this. As I go through the older pages, a lot of photobucket, flickr, etc. links no longer work and the photos do NOT display, likely due to being deleted or moved or renamed by members from their albums, not realizing it at the time that the photos were linked on TeaChat.

This is a shame when viewing older pages as pictures often say a thousand words. But we can work on preventing this in the future if we make a conscious effort.

Two Solutions I came up with:

1. Posting photos as attachments, but then the forum could lose photos as well when updating, etc.

2. Creating a TeaChat album/file in your individual photo hoster. Thus any photo you have in the TeaChat album, you know not to delete since it is somewhere on TeaChat.

Soooo, please make a conscious effort to do one or the other. I will likely post this around the forum ... so please forgive the duplicating. And thank you for helping in this way to improve our forum!