1967 Baozhong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Jan 17th, '12, 20:24
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Re: 1967 Baozhong

by wyardley » Jan 17th, '12, 20:24

intelligen_tea_a wrote: I can see your perspective. I have brewed my Dan Cong oolongs in gaiwans, and I usually get a better aroma in the first few steepings. However, I find that if I brew the tea for 4 or more minutes, the tea cools to almost lukewarm. With a yixing pot, which I use for rock oolongs, I can brew for as much as 6 minutes and lose minimal heat. Granted, I use a paper thin porcelain gaiwan. Overall, I prefer the yixing brewing experience because I get more, hotter steepings.
It's rare for me to brew a tea for 4 minutes, so maybe this is the difference between our perspectives.

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