Dragon tea house Yancha

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Apr 26th, '12, 10:06
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Dragon tea house Yancha

by gasninja » Apr 26th, '12, 10:06

So I have been eyeing DTH's rock tea selection for a minute. There huge selection is what draws me in, and at the same time stops me from ordering. Does anyone have any suggestions, warnings, or general comments regarding DTH's Yancha list.

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Apr 26th, '12, 23:24
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Re: Dragon tea house Yancha

by BioHorn » Apr 26th, '12, 23:24

I bought a few a while back. The 2010 Bai Ji Guan was enjoyable for the price. I drank it over a couple of years. The flavors really unfolded nicely. I liked the level of roast. Nice layers of cocoa.

I was not impressed with the DHP. It lacked depth and character. Not surprising at that price point.

The Shui Jin Gui was decent. I enjoyed it with food but would probably not buy it again. Once again, for the price, it is not bad.

Photo of DTH BJG:


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