Taiwanese Oolongs, Spring 2013 Harvest

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Aug 8th, '13, 02:34
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Re: Taiwanese Oolongs, Spring 2013 Harvest

by b101 » Aug 8th, '13, 02:34

bambooforest wrote:I like making bao zhong at 1 gram/1 oz. I steep at around 195F.

1st steep: 2 minutes

2nd steep: 2.30

3rd steep: 3 minutes (or more).

With the bao zhong I have on hand, this created the best flavor.

I know many like to use higher leaf per oz for bao zhong, but I didn't find that improved the flavor for my palate for the bao zhong I had which is not low grade.

I don't rinse when I steep like this.
do you usually make other oolongs that way or this tea is special? (the 195F temp, and longer steeps) thx

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