Roasted Dong Ding?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Dec 6th, '13, 11:47
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Roasted Dong Ding?

by Math » Dec 6th, '13, 11:47

Hello teachat!

Looking for a good classic toasted, caramel, burnt sugar dong ding with some hui gan. Any current recommendations?

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Dec 6th, '13, 12:02
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Re: Roasted Dong Ding?

by William » Dec 6th, '13, 12:02

I would recommend you the the Dong Ding from taiwanteacrafts (lot 263)!

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Dec 6th, '13, 20:59
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Re: Roasted Dong Ding?

by Joel Byron » Dec 6th, '13, 20:59

Origin Tea also has some offerings that you might like. Origin is my go-to vendor for Taiwanese oolongs. Here is the web address:

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Dec 6th, '13, 22:07
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Re: Roasted Dong Ding?

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » Dec 6th, '13, 22:07


I recently purchased a tin of Charcoal Roast Dong Ding wulong from Red Blossom. This was my first purchase from them, though I've been in the store in S.F., CA. Both my wife and I were surprised by the tea. We both tend to linger more toward green wulongs, low to mid oxidized wulongs, primarily from Taiwan. However, with the change in season, some roast in the tea has been more appetizing. We've been drinking more hojicha as well.

We both really enjoyed the Red Blossom Charcoal Roast Dong Ding. To us it was reasonably priced and had good longevity and interest through the varying rounds. Red Blossom describes this tea as having "notes of burnt caramel, coffee, and brown sugar." I also detected cocoa, raisin, and subtle tobacco notes. In the earlier rounds I did experience a pleasant huigan, which can sometimes not be the case with some Dong Dings but this tea also provides a nice throat. I'd purchase the tea again.

Here's a link to a day in the park in which we poured the Red Blossom Dong Ding as a family. In the last picture you can see the color of the tea liquor. I brewed the tea in a thick-walled Taiwan, glazed shib. ( ... start=2610)


Edit: I've also had TTC's Dong Ding (lot 261) and enjoyed it as well. Though I enjoyed the Red Blossom tea more. It could be that I just brewed the Red Blossom tea more skillfully.

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