Famous of China

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Dec 16th, '13, 19:36
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Famous of China

by Ursinos » Dec 16th, '13, 19:36

Today I was out with friends and ended up in a more local teashop that we have in town (I think they only have one other store, a couple towns over) called Distinctly tea. My wife and I were spending our time in front of the oolong shelf, checking out the aroma's of the various kinds, especially the TKY as I wanted to compare the stuff I got from Davidstea last week.

I didn't have any money to actually pick any up today, but as we were standing there commenting on the half a dozen or so different TKYs they had there, the salesperson came over to talk to us, pointed out a bit 200g bag that was on sale because it was from a supplier they no longer bought from (though he said it was of lesser quality than the ones we'd been looking at). A moment later, he hands me a small vacuum sealed baggy of tea he said was "competition grade", enough he said, to brew up a single 500ml pot (though he said he's managed to get 11 steeps out of it).
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brewed tea
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I brewed it up according to what the salesperson suggested, steeping for 30 seconds. and I must say, I like it a LOT better than the stuff from Davids. The aroma and taste has more of the floral hint that I liked in the stuff from davids, without being overdone, but as well had an earthy greenness that wasn't as pronounced, which really complimented the increased floral taste. Honestly, closing my eyes it made me feel as if I was laying down in a flower bed, I could almost see those little dark purple flowers my mom always liked when I was a kid.

Ironically, my wife likes the DavidsTea stuff better lol.

The only english on the package said "famous of china". I included photos of the package in case anyone can read the chinese and maybe give me more information on the tea itself. Maybe the salesperson was full of it on how good a quality it is, I'm not sure. I thought I'd share though.
famous of china_0071.jpg
front of package
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back of package
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Dec 16th, '13, 21:11
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Re: Famous of China

by Ursinos » Dec 16th, '13, 21:11

OK, did a second steeping and now I'm also getting a green note that reminds me of green tea. Almost grassy. Not unpleasant, but different from the David's tea stuff.

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