Another vendor question.

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Apr 16th, '14, 21:19
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Another vendor question.

by MountainEd » Apr 16th, '14, 21:19

Has anyone bought from Lohas Tea company ( In looking at my favorite vendors, I'm seen some of the usual early green teas but that's about it. These folks say they have 2014 Alishan, Lishan, DYL, etc. I asked if this was for pre-order but they say it is in stock now. Seems early and maybe I'm paranoid but I worry that they are fostering off last years crop as fresh. Anyone have experience with them? Thanks.

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Apr 17th, '14, 07:13
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Re: Another vendor question.

by Risdt » Apr 17th, '14, 07:13

47 USD for 150g of DYL is very suspicious imho and if Im cortect, DYL is one of the last harvests(somewhere mid may?) in Spring cause of it's high altitude.

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