Fu Shou Shan 2017, reality & sanity check

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Nov 22nd 16 4:58 am
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Re: Fu Shou Shan 2017, reality & sanity check

by jayinhk » Nov 22nd 16 4:58 am

ethan wrote:Mix-up here. Quote attributed to me about FSS not from me. I never had a tin of it. Thread was started to decide whether I should pre-order some.
Yes he was quoting me. Not sure what happened there :lol:

Nov 22nd 16 6:06 am
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Re: Fu Shou Shan 2017, reality & sanity check

by Bok » Nov 22nd 16 6:06 am

bagua7 wrote: Awesome tea, thanks heaps again to our kyarazen brother for sourcing this tea to our small online community. I have to say the quality is on a par with Tony's Dayuling and Alishan I purchased 3 years ago (or even better! I jay can't really recall it right now, it has been a bit too long since then).
if FSS is not better than Alishan, then it probably isn’t FSS! Apples and bananas.
bagua7 wrote: Hey, have you tried brewing this particular oolong in a thin walled tallish zhuni (or straight to gaiwan to be perfectly safe)? Definitively fresh is the main note but also a hint of loquat and white grapes. Delicious tea which suits perfectly in Queensland's (Aust.)
subtropical climate.
I would not recommend tallish tea pot shapes (in general- and specifically) for Taiwanese rolled oolongs, tall shapes do not let the tea expand freely, perfectly round or lower profiles usually work better.

Took me some time to abandon the tall pots as I find them visually pleasing, but in the end only the taste of the tea matters!

Dec 30th 16 8:43 am
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Re: Fu Shou Shan 2017, reality & sanity check

by ethan » Dec 30th 16 8:43 am

Finally got to taste Fu Shou Shan. Everything good said about it on teachat seems quite on point. I won't add to it. I could have bought 1 or 2 75-gram tins. I honestly don't know whether I would have bought 1 tin, if I had splurged on a teapot yesterday. I do know that after thinking much too much about what to buy & not to buy etc. etc., I find myself comfortable w/ financial limits & my decisions.