where to buy good TGY/Iron Goddess in US?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Jan 9th 18 11:56 am
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Re: where to buy good TGY/Iron Goddess in US?

by jayinhk » Jan 9th 18 11:56 am

Bok wrote: As mentioned above, not in US, but tealife HK’s TGY are quite nice! And probably more authentic than what you can find on the mainland, unless you like the flash green TGY variety…
Hi Bok,

There is dark roast on the mainland too, but I haven't yet had one anywhere near as good as the HK stuff. Most of the 'dark roast' up there is more of a medium roast!

Mar 30th 18 9:44 am
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Re: where to buy good TGY/Iron Goddess in US?

by InternPrimas » Mar 30th 18 9:44 am

I've found a US Seller that has like two store fronts but they ship all over the U.S.
and they allow you to select shipping method (standard USPS and FEDEX).
$25 for a pound of TGY - http://www.imperialtea.com/Everyday-Ool ... yin001.htm

However on eBay I've found a warehouse seller from China that is legit that ships out using China Post that goes through USPS Air mail. And is much cheaper than US Sellers.
However you do have to wait anywhere from a week to two weeks to recieve your package.
Then again it could be like that for everyone or even longer it all depends on your location.
I am more towards the Westcoast. So I did get my package a few days earlier but still took around a week or two. I didn't really count the days. I'd say it fell under two weeks.

The order was for 500 grams of organic highmountain tieguanyin (lightly roasted). vaccum sealed tea. The tea is high quality, the aroma is strong, the flavour is strong. It's legitimate.
I am happy with my purchase. I never knew you could pay less than $15 bucks for a little over a pound of Organic oolong tea. It's amazing. Anyways I was skeptical at first but when I recieved my package in the mail. Opened it up with scissors and brewed a cup. I was amazed with the quality and for the price. Not only that I was able to find out how many resteeps the loose leaves lasted. It lasted about 3 total steeps. I tried for a fourth but felt it was slightly weaker but still had flavor. So you can do a total of 4 but the fourth one loses the best qualities. The 3 steeps are flavorful, aroma filled. But you can tell towards the 4th re-steep the lack of aroma from the leaves were taken away from the 3rd re-steep.

Here is where I bought the 500g of Organic TieGuanYin:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/500g-High-Moun ... 5d6ff3e305

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Sep 14th 18 3:27 am
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Re: where to buy good TGY/Iron Goddess in US?

by zesk » Sep 14th 18 3:27 am

thatonebrew wrote: Not sure if you have found a vendor but I am based in the US and have some TGY with me that I purchased in malaysia. It's been my favourite TGY for the past 2 years and I would be happy to share some with you. I also have a packet of TGY from my taiwan supplier of taiwan oolongs that I have yet to try. But his gao shans are amazing so I look forward to trying it when I get back to the US.

Neither of them have an online store but I will be happy to help connect you to them if you wish! They ship to the US!
Hi thatonebrew!,

Where did you get your TGY in Malaysia? Thanks!