Bhao Zhong oolong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Jun 30th, '05, 23:35
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Bhao Zhong oolong

by StephSasse » Jun 30th, '05, 23:35

Hi :)

Recently I had a wonderful oolong at a tea shop called Bhao Zhong. I was wondering if Adagio has something similar?


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Jul 1st, '05, 09:49
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by chris » Jul 1st, '05, 09:49

Thanks for the post.

Bhao Zhong is another name for Pouchong. I don't speak Chinese, but I know all the different names for my favorite Adagio tea! :)

Here is the link:


Adagio Maestro

Nov 17th, '05, 06:19

by Robert Marotz » Nov 17th, '05, 06:19

Baozhong is the Hanyu Pinyin romanization of the Chinese name of the tea.

Pouchong and Paochung and other spellings will be other romanization systems. Ironically, they all are pronounced the same (given the same dialect/accent), just represented with different spellings.

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