Original Oolong Tea vs High Mountain Oolong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Feb 4th 20 5:01 pm
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Original Oolong Tea vs High Mountain Oolong

by BenHK » Feb 4th 20 5:01 pm

point form, easy to read

1)Oolong was originated in FuJian Province, HMOT is a relatively new concept in Taiwan
2) OT or HMOT, the modern package is 8g per pack, vacuum bag
3) There are two seasons of them Spring Tea, and Autumn Tea
4) Spring Tea of OT more focus on the the flowery scent(really amazing), Autumn OT more focus on the taste and aftertaste of tea
5) For HMOT the different between spring and autumn not so significant
6) In OT family there are many types, TieGuanYin(or Iron Goddess) is the best kind

[fun]Before there is vacuum packing, and the modern storage tech, what is the taste of OT?
Freshly made OT of coz will be sold and consumed as soon as possible. After a certain period of time, the tea master will gently fry it in a wok. Lucky as me I can have the chance
to drink it, they call it old-fashion OT, the taste beats usual TieGuanYin and HMOT.

7) There are also many bad quality or fake OT, but personally I dislike also is the 'artificial OT'
such as so called "Ginseng OT", it is just bad quality tea add in Licorice flavor to mark up price.

Obviously one topic cannot cover much about OT, interested Tea Friend can ask me specifically

I am from Hong Kong, things are not so well here, sorry to put ad here
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Feb 5th 20 6:53 am
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Re: Original Oolong Tea vs High Mountain Oolong

by isabellamor » Feb 5th 20 6:53 am

I love Oolong Milk Tea from Gong Cha.
I hope that everything will go well for China soon. I was about to visit it next month but my flight has been canceled due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Stay safe!