How to store aged oolong?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Mar 14th 20 8:27 am
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How to store aged oolong?

by sugataishi » Mar 14th 20 8:27 am

Once I got a sample of the most mind blowing tea I have ever had. It was 1995 charcoal roasted dong ding.
I was so impressed that I decided to buy 300 g, because the last 2,5 kilo reached Poland recently and it going to out soon. I want to store this tea properly to enjoy it for many month to come.
I suppose that stoneware glazed jar would be ok but I would like to know your opinion.

The other thing is where to keep it. I have a tiny apartment, so the only option is a shelf in a living room or bedroom. Bedroom is cooler so I bet it is a better choice.

Aug 12th 20 7:31 pm
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Re: How to store aged oolong?

by trziste » Aug 12th 20 7:31 pm

This is rather late, but I'll reply anyway. First of all, how did the tea come to you? I assume it's not in a sealed pouch, or you wouldn't have any problem. If you got it as loose tea in a bag, I suggest that you get some ziploc mylar bags like these: ... nFb065G1VB

The key is to keep the tea in a dry and low oxygen environment and the mylar will keep out oxygen.

Sep 1st 20 8:40 am
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Re: How to store aged oolong?

by Lyuluck » Sep 1st 20 8:40 am

When storing black tea or oolong tea at home, it is important not to let it be damp and not to give off any other odor. Do not expose it to other lights or heat it. After opening, put it in a highly sealed container such as a solid tea can or moisture-proof aluminum bag. For aluminum bags, fold the top of the bag firmly and tape it

The point is cold, dry strorage :D

Sep 3rd 20 2:59 pm
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Re: How to store aged oolong?

by 12Tea » Sep 3rd 20 2:59 pm

For the tea in question, normal room temperature would be fine. I recommend separate and store them sealed bags for long-term storage, and every time when you finish a portion, you open a new bag and store it in a clay jar. Clay jars are great to let aged oolong wake up a bit. I got one of these Yixing jars at home (for dark tea though)