Recommend some teas

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Mar 22nd 20 4:36 am

Recommend some teas

by Rainyday-tea » Mar 22nd 20 4:36 am

For the past few years I've been drinking good Sencha, but I want to get back to oolongs and puerhs.

I used to buy sometimes from jing tea shop and hou de fine teas. I used to be on Teachat but lost my account.

I liked some green oolongs like rou gui, I tried a few dan congs but did not like them because to my taste they always had a kind of alcohol-like bitterness, and seemed watery and lacked the body of green oolongs that I liked. It's probably because they were bad dan congs, but could be I just don't like DC.

I tried a few TGY and they were pretty good but I wasn't in love with them. It could be they were not very good.

I liked a few Puerhs, for example "silver needle cake" puerh, and a few others but I never had more expensive ones than maybe a 100 per cake? I don't remember..

Given these rather confused memories, if I were to spend up to $200 or so, what would be a good range of oolongs and puerhs to get (perhaps as samples) and from which vendor(s)?

For tea equipment I only have a good gaiwan; I also have a gong-fu pot somewhere but not sure i can find it and it's probably not very good.

Much thanks!

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Mar 23rd 20 2:07 pm
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Re: Recommend some teas

by Rainy-Day » Mar 23rd 20 2:07 pm

Please ignore / delete this topic (duplicate), i posted from a new acct and then remembered the pwd to the old account :)