Tea Urchin's Yancha Wow'd Me:

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Apr 1st 20 8:22 pm
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Tea Urchin's Yancha Wow'd Me:

by oolongaddiction » Apr 1st 20 8:22 pm

I happen to find out about Tea Urchin because of a post on TeaDB about Wuyi oolong tea vendors. I have been looking to sample but from vendors who provide good quality. I ordered a good size haul from them and forgot about it :P. In the midst of the coronavirus it arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. I received:

Bai Rui Xiang 2017 60g:
I was WOW'd by this yancha, the very first time that the aroma of a tea was pulling me into its delicious embrace. I've seen people describe their tasting notes with apricot or pineapple and you can barely get of hint of it at the first steeping and by the second its long gone. This wuyi oolong is very fruity with complexity. What is even better is that the taste stays on your palate. I was muttering to myself, "This is soo good." Smacking my lips to pull that mysterious fruity taste again and it was there.

I've only recently gotten my grubby hands on some quality oolongs from WuyiOrigin and Postcard Teas but this one grabbed me and if I could afford it I'd drink it often.

Premium Tie Luo Han 2018 15g
Premium Shui Jin Gui 2017 60g
Premium Da Hong Pao 2018 A+ 15g
Yiwu Snake Blend 2013 Spring 30g

I am getting tired of vendors calling everything premium, but they do have to differentiate between their normal stock so I won't complain too much. I haven't tried everything yet but I look forward to it.