tea alchemy

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Jul 6th, '05, 04:00

tea alchemy

by jon » Jul 6th, '05, 04:00

Hey oolong lovers...just found this site and wanted to let you all know about a tea website I have put together about tea alchemy...there are also some picks of oolongs I have known and loved around the Bay Area of California. Many of these people ship as well...try some of these and enjoy.

I get no kickbacks, just want to spread the fervor for these rare elixirs of long life...


check the links page for the picks.


Jul 6th, '05, 04:08

my previous post: good intention, bad outcome

by jon » Jul 6th, '05, 04:08

I happened upon this site without noticing that this is Adagio Tea's chatroom...oops. I am not interested in trying to sell anything in Adagio's wonderful tea space...

Disregard my links suggestion, and accept my apologies everyone.


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Jul 6th, '05, 09:56
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by chris » Jul 6th, '05, 09:56

No worries.... we're here to celebrate all things tea.

As long as the website plug is tasteful, we're glad to have it!


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Jul 16th, '05, 18:51

tea and meditation

by jon » Jul 16th, '05, 18:51

Thanks Chris.

For those interested in some reflections on tea and meditation, this piece was inspired by my meditation teacher, Buddhist Master Bhakha Rinpoche, a Tibetan who first introduced me to Gong Fu style Taiwanese Oolongs.


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