Need help finding out more about this Alishan Oolong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Sep 19th 21 1:41 pm
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Need help finding out more about this Alishan Oolong

by Cifer » Sep 19th 21 1:41 pm

Hello everyone,

A while ago I bought this tea in Taiwan:

The "brand" seems to be 清香茗, but I cannot find any official stores or supermarkets sell it under this name. All I could find were private persons or sellers on eBay-like websites selling this specific tea, or a handful of others.

Some of these sellers mention "名池", a big Taiwanese tea shop. I checked their website but couldn't find the tea there.

There is no further information to be found on the box or the rest of the packaging either.

Does anyone know this tea and can tell me

1. How much it sells for in stores?

2. Which cultivar it is made from? I assume qing xin since the packaging shows a train in Xi Ding, where the oolong cultivated is usually qing xin.

3. Of what quality the tea is?

Thanks a lot!

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