Ammount of Tea to Water

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Aug 12th, '07, 20:30
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Ammount of Tea to Water

by Joe Z » Aug 12th, '07, 20:30

I just got a large order of samples from Adagio, I REALLY love the Jasmine #12, it's one of the best things I've ever tasted, I really love the flowery taste and smell. I was wondering how much tea to water I should use. Is it supposed to be 1 teaspoon per cup or more?

If someone could give me a guide on this for all kinds of tea that would be great.

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Aug 13th, '07, 17:46
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by Mary R » Aug 13th, '07, 17:46

It's really all up to your own taste. As a general rule, I like about 2 grams worth of any tea per 6-8 oz of water when brewing in the English method. This can be anywhere from a teaspoon for more smaller leaves like a Keemum or a couple a tablespoons for something larger like a White Peony.

The Jasmine Pearls are a bit of touch and go. Some people like just 5 or 6 pearls for a cup. Others like 10-15. I guess it's just up to your own experimentation.

Aug 22nd, '07, 15:52
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by Mocha Wheels » Aug 22nd, '07, 15:52

i use 1 teaspoon for 6 oz of water and i make 8 infusions with the same teaspoon for a total of 48 oz.

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