How to measure premium quality?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Aug 14th, '07, 07:59
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How to measure premium quality?

by laytonjp » Aug 14th, '07, 07:59

Hi there i have recently been introduced to oolong tea in particular the tieh kuan yin one striking my taste buds quite nicely. I have recently been communicating with chinese company online to purchase kg lot of this tieh kuan yin tea in which they have sent me samples with four grades of it. However they say they are all premium and have four different prices i see alot on the net about companies stating that they have premium quality is their a standardised grading system used in china by tea growers/ manufacturers :?: what point does tie kuan yin or any other type of oolong become premium???? :D :roll:

if any one knows any thing that would be great... finding it very confusing so far but still interesting.