Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Sep 5th, '08, 02:11
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by devites » Sep 5th, '08, 02:11

Update: Since I posted that I have tried Gao Shan, Shan Lin Shee, Verdant Peak, and Dong Ding oolongs. Yeah I think i just had a weird tky since it was from Yunnan sourcing the other tkys ive had do not have those flowery notes as much. For beginners like my self its pretty simple; if I want flowery notes I go for high mountain oolongs but if I want a thick rich creamy mouthfeel dong ding is the best most inexpensive way to go.

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Sep 5th, '08, 04:46
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by tenuki » Sep 5th, '08, 04:46

I finally found a TGY I like. Its aged and tastes nothing like a TGY. hahaha.

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