Oolong tea link - Hong Kong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Nov 11th, '08, 16:19
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Oolong tea link - Hong Kong

by puerhking » Nov 11th, '08, 16:19

came across this and thought some might like it. has some nice big shots of different oolongs.


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Nov 11th, '08, 16:37
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by thanks » Nov 11th, '08, 16:37

Their Iron Buddha is only 5$ per 100 grams! Then you see some of their other prices and cringe. Dong Ding for 68 bucks per 100 grams??

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Nov 11th, '08, 17:48
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by Victoria » Nov 11th, '08, 17:48


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Nov 11th, '08, 18:03
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by wyardley » Nov 11th, '08, 18:03

BTW, BTH has been mentioned before on this forum, and for those in the US and Canada, has a branch in Richmond BC (near Vancouver, BC). The people who run it (sister and brother in law of the owner of the original HK shop) is very nice and will do mail order, so give him a call if you are interested... the exchange rate between US and Canada is decent right now. He has email too, but it's usually faster to just call there. Prices are sometimes a little higher than the prices listed on the site (maybe a mixture of the site not being updated often and the cost of shipping).

He also has a lot of nice teaware, especially Yixing teapots, which are NOT cheap, and a good collection of aged pu'er, at high, high prices (he does have some reasonably priced stuff too, esp. in terms of "traditional HK storage" (i.e., wet stored) stuff).

I think most of their decent grade TGY is more than $5 US / 100g, but they do have a good selection of roasted TGY. Their "monkey-picked" is a somewhat oxidized, but only medium roast (still a lot of green); there's a higher grade one that's about 2x as much; the taste is the same to me, but maybe it's a little better. The "Elegant Queen" is a darker roast, sweet more than bittersweet, also pretty nice. Those are both in the range of $30 US / 100g.

Some pictures from my visit (and the phone #) @

Ordering from the HK shop is not easy because they don't respond to emails, and don't check their fax machine often. I think they speak OK English, so if you want to call them direct, you could order from there.

re: baozhong, I imagine one might get a better value from a Taiwanese merchant, but that's just a guess.

Tea Gallery in NY is from the same legacy (the owners trained under the guy from BTH in HK), but I think their suppliers are not exactly the same, so even similar or similarly named teas are not the same.

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Nov 11th, '08, 21:26
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by puerhking » Nov 11th, '08, 21:26

nice info wyardley.

I saw the range of prices.....kind of extreme. I was most intrigued with the nice close up photos.

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