What Adagio oolong...

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Dec 19th, '08, 17:50
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What Adagio oolong...

by Ti » Dec 19th, '08, 17:50

...is comparable to Rishi organic Wuyi?

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Dec 19th, '08, 18:53
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by PolyhymnianMuse » Dec 19th, '08, 18:53

This is a hard one... only because adagio doesnt really sell a wuyi. The wuyi ensemble is probably your best bet, most of the rest of the oolongs are greener oolongs. I remember trying a variety of the oolongs from adagio and a few of them tasted more like a darjeeling to me.

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Dec 19th, '08, 19:16
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by edkrueger » Dec 19th, '08, 19:16

+1 Adagio doesn't have a good Wuyi, everything is lighter. That said Ali Shan and Pouchong are good light oolongs.

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Dec 19th, '08, 20:46
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by Space Samurai » Dec 19th, '08, 20:46

From what I remember, the Wuyi Ensemble is pretty close. As I recall, they are both fairly standard Wuyi yancha, though I have not done a side-by-side.

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Dec 20th, '08, 12:50
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by evilberg » Dec 20th, '08, 12:50

"Wu Yi Oolong" from the european site was really good. Too bad it was all out when my gaiwan arrived, it bet it would've been even better.

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