cold brewing oolong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Feb 12th, '09, 22:52
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by gingkoseto » Feb 12th, '09, 22:52

wyardley wrote: I'm collecting leaves for a pillow too. I believe you're supposed to crush the leaves *before* you fill the pillow. I don't know if I have quite enough yet, but I do have a lot of dried leaves.
Maybe fill the pillow, crush the tea with my head for some days, and refill? :D But I guess I am still far from it (it seems 1/7 pillow so far, before crushing). And to me sewing up the pillow case is still a difficult part.
bi lew chun wrote:I haven't heard of making a tea pillow. I might have to redirect some of the tea I was composting to a new project.
Maybe a pillow show someday :D
Susana wrote:When I cold brew oolongs I like to do a hot water rinse then pour cold water over it. I find that it really helps release all those yummy flavors!
Interesting idea! So far I am still very conservative and slow-paced in cold brewing. I only brewed a si ji chun, a bao zhong and a ben shan that I dont like, and left over tea from the day before.

The si ji chun, it is nothing good when brewed hot, and it's totally great when brewed cold. But I actually seldom drink cold water, so still do hot brewing on most tea.

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