Fri/Sat TeaDay 8/5-6/11 Water measurements?

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Yesterday we discussed how we determined how much leaf, today we discuss how we determine how much water, sometimes there are some "tricks" we use. Please share your methods.

I measure water, precisely
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The pot size determines the amount of water, no measuring
The cup(s) size(s) determine how much water
I eyeball how much water
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Aug 7th 11 12:39 am
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Re: Fri/Sat TeaDay 8/5-6/11 Water measurements?

by debunix » Aug 7th 11 12:39 am

Today has been a good day for tea, though a sad day for teaware. Today, enjoying some Jin Guan Yin, and while the long infusions are taking place, starting a session with some Lao Ban Zhang 2009 loose sheng, both from Norbu.

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Aug 7th 11 4:44 am
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Re: Fri/Sat TeaDay 8/5-6/11 Water measurements?

by FlyedPiper » Aug 7th 11 4:44 am

I pretty much use the same amount of leaf and water for all sencha brews (rounded teaspoon for fuka and heaping teaspoon for asamushi). I generally use about 6 oz. of water per steep unless I'm brewing genmaicha or houjicha, then I go 8 oz.

If I have a guest I put the first and second steeps into the cups and reserve the remaining steeps for myself (I rarely brew for more than two people). If I have more guests I brew another pot... repeat as needed. I don't mind drinking the later steeps as they are just for the health benefits and don't contain much caffeine.

For oolong, sheng and gyokuro I brew enough in each steep to fill my 4 oz cup if I'm by myself, or brew into two 2 oz cups if I have a guest.

For a group I usually do multiple steeps of TGY from my 160 ml yixing into a fair pot and into tasting cups until everyone is tired of tea.

Currently drinking kiku mukashi matcha and sae midori. Both extremely good.