Friday TeaDay 12/17/10 TasteDUDS 2010!

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End of year reflections, any TasteDUDs in the TeaRealm? Please share TeaFlops for 2010! Up to 5 votes. Grin and bear it.

Yes ... it was a black
Yes ... it was an oolong
Yes ... it was a green
Yes ... it was a white
Yes ... it was a yellow
Yes ... it was a pu-erh
Yes ... it was a ???
Actually no!
Total votes: 35

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Dec 17th, '10, 17:32
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Re: Friday TeaDay 12/17/10 TasteDUDS 2010!

by gargoylekitty » Dec 17th, '10, 17:32

One pu and one white. The pu probably would have been better if I'd been in the mood for it, but it turns out I just wasn't so calling it a dud might not be entirely fair, though the white, a silver needle, was a definite dud with me. It was just way overpowering.

Having some dong ding atm.

Dec 17th, '10, 20:51
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Re: Friday TeaDay 12/17/10 TasteDUDS 2010!

by Cael » Dec 17th, '10, 20:51

I've had a few duds this year. Some things that smelled and looked great turned out that they weren't so good. I've even had a few samples that were sent to me that turned out that they were not good tea.

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Dec 17th, '10, 22:19
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Re: Friday TeaDay 12/17/10 TasteDUDS 2010!

by Chip » Dec 17th, '10, 22:19

I have been thinking all day, and have struggled to remember duds. Some were not as good as others, but no real duds ... though still thinking about this. :mrgreen:

Great TD beginning with Oku Yutaka Organic asamushi with the Mrs. Next up Yutaka Midori, and now Happy Tea ... which is making me happy.

Dec 17th, '10, 22:41
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Re: Friday TeaDay 12/17/10 TasteDUDS 2010!

by Skippyandjif » Dec 17th, '10, 22:41

All three were herbal tisanes. One was dried gourd, another was artichoke, and a third was "Ballerina Tea". All three were spectacularly yucky.

Pu-erh this morning, genmaicha with dinner, jasmine sencha in a few minutes (the water is heating up as I type this :lol: ).

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Dec 18th, '10, 00:49
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Re: Friday TeaDay 12/17/10 TasteDUDS 2010!

by geeber1 » Dec 18th, '10, 00:49

I was interested in trying some Nilgiri Frost Tea. I got a 2 oz. sample a few months ago, and really didn't care for it. It had a weird aftertaste. So I guess that would be my dud for the year. Oh, and another Nilgiri that was mixed with lemon myrtle - very overpowering. But it mellowed out when iced so wasn't so bad.

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Dec 18th, '10, 17:36
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Re: Friday TeaDay 12/17/10 TasteDUDS 2010!

by edkrueger » Dec 18th, '10, 17:36

I always have some duds. Quite a few oolongs did not live up to expectations; weren't good enough to keep in the collection.