Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

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More memory lane. Think back to when you first realllllly began to drink tea. What was the first TEA you purchased, and do you still enjoy it? Please share details.

It was a black
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Bonus, still drink it all the time
Bonus, still drink it occasionally
Bonus, still once in a blue moon
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Jan 7th, '11, 00:58
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Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by Chip » Jan 7th, '11, 00:58

Greetings everyone and welcome to a great TeaDay. Please be sure to share what is in your cup throughout the day ... speaking of ...
Chip wrote:Announcement!!! TeaDay Contest January 2011!
Kramer wrote:Who wants to have some fun!?!

Commencing on January 6th, be sure to post often and daily in TeaDay.
Details and prizes to follow in a few! :wink:
Contest ends at midnight on January 31st Eastern USA time.

Prizes will be awarded for various categories, so be sure to answer the poll, tell us what you are drinking throughout the day, discuss the topic, and post pictures! You know, "TeaChat!" The more you post ...
Yesterday we discussed our first teaware purchase. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. More memory lane. Think back to when you first realllllly began to drink tea. What was the first TEA you purchased, and do you still enjoy it? Please share details.

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Jan 7th, '11, 01:03
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by Ambrose » Jan 7th, '11, 01:03

My first real tea was puerh then greens. I still enjoy a cup on a rare occasion. I am much more enjoying japanese greens and recently light oxidized oolongs. :D

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Jan 7th, '11, 01:46
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by auhckw » Jan 7th, '11, 01:46

I am not sure whether it should be counted as first tea purchase, as it was a buy teamug (free ripe puer). Had it a couple of time, but have chucked it away in office pantry.

Actual first purchase would go to Gyokuro which is my first love. I still like it but have slowed down my purchase on it. Not enough mouth to help me drink, and there are too many pending tea...

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Jan 7th, '11, 05:00
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by Trey Winston » Jan 7th, '11, 05:00

The first tea I bought when I started getting interested was a box of bagged green tea from Lipton at the local supermarket. Definitely not buying any more of that.

I have every intention of drinking some SN today, but I haven't started yet.

Jan 7th, '11, 07:34
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by grammyof6 » Jan 7th, '11, 07:34

I drank tea since I was a small child and I grew up on Lipton. Although I have not had that in my own home for many many years, if I am visiting someone who says would you rather have a cup of tea and they pull out their Lipton I can still smile and drink it with because at least I don't have to suffer through a cup of coffee which I have done many times over the years but never aquired a taste for.

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Jan 7th, '11, 07:57
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by artmom » Jan 7th, '11, 07:57

It would have been a black. :D Other than that, it is lost in the mist of time. :roll:

No Tea yet today; however, more snow expected, so I'll probably have more cups than usual. Might try something new, or stick w/tried and true. :)

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Jan 7th, '11, 08:32
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by solitude » Jan 7th, '11, 08:32

I was drinking tea since I was child. But cca 3-4 years ago one of my good friend offered me some sencha from hibiki and I realized what is a good cup of green tea. After this we had several tea session together with other friends and we tried different teas, mainly green. Unfortunately I changed my location and I never had a chance to drink a good quality green tea, until the last summer, when I bought a bag of kukicha in a local tea shop (good stuff, the tea was packed in Japan and kept under nitrogen). I searched for the proper brewing parameters and I got back the same feeling like 3 years ago. After this, the tea and tea culture became my passion number one.

This morning: Premium sencha from Hibiki, quite good, but maybe to vegetable taste for me, but in general nice tea with intense taste (up to 5 steps) and low level of bitterness. In the case of this tea I noticed if I use boiling water for the 5th step and let it brew it for 2-3 minute I can observe matcha-like taste hidden behind the astringency, interesting.

After lunch: Matcha kiri no mori, I am new in matcha so I can not really compare but this stuff is giving me a very nice introduction, I really like it.

Now some Chinese greens will come.

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Jan 7th, '11, 10:38
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by msurads06 » Jan 7th, '11, 10:38

The first "real" tea i had was special teas earl grey de la creme, brought back about 1/4 lb from my sisters wedding, last time i was home i brought another 1/2 lb that had been sitting in my moms pantry for the last year. I still drink it on occasion, but it tends to be my "on the go" tea for when i am brewing a travel mug, i try to save the other teas for when i have the time to enjoy them. when this supply runs out that will proabably be the end since special teas is going out of business.

The first tea I PURCHASED was a white tea sampler from special teas which had white peony, silver needle, strawberry, peach and one other. I havent had any silver needle since then but i have 4oz coming in my most recent order from special teas, they had a 50% off sale and i went a little overboard :oops: . Have had white peony a few times, really enjoy whites but there is so much to try when it comes to tea there just isnt enough time in the day to drink everything.

Going to start the day with rishi sincha supreme, maybe i will have better luck than last time i tried greens, wish me luck.

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Jan 7th, '11, 11:07
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by debunix » Jan 7th, '11, 11:07

Still enjoy SeaDyke Ti Kuan Yin (the red label tin) regularly. It's comforting and forgiving, not as brilliant as many of the other teas I've discovered since, but reliably tasty.

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Jan 7th, '11, 11:19
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by skarphedin » Jan 7th, '11, 11:19

The first tea I ever imbibed was a bitter, brown, tart and tasteless brew made with a bag of Earl Grey. It would be some time before I tried tea again.

Here in Norway, coffee is the common social glue. It's consumed in large amounts throughout the day: morning wake-up cup, the first cup at work to get you going, the cup you share over a conversation at a café, the fifth cup at the end of the workday to keep you running, the cup you toss down while commuting, the cup you drink after dinner to smooth things over, the cup you drink when having friends over or visiting friends yourself, the cup you imbibe because your mother/grandmother/mother-in-law offers it to you (and it's impolite to decline), and of course the cup you drink (but shouldn't have) just before going to bed.

So, naturally, tea for most norwegians is some kind of crushed substance that comes in a white bag with a piece of string attached, and a label that says Lipton or Twinings. Worse, some think tea is synonymous with Earl Grey. And, even worse still, in some social groupings tea is viewed as a womanly drink (based on my own empirical studies). At work, males seldom drink anything but coffee. If you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb, you certainly do not venture into the land of tea. This is perhaps more true for persons working in mechanical industry and similar professions where a lot of physical work is involved, than for office workers, but declining that cup of coffee can sometimes involve facing puzzled looks and answering a lot of questions about why and if you have some medical condition prohibiting the use of coffee. Trying to brew tea correctly at work is begging for ridicule. My guess is that this is not something specific for Norway, but more of a European (and possibly North American) thing, and tied to the masculine culture.

Because of the mostly ignorant attitude towards tea, I've never been a huge fan of replying 'yes' when offered tea here in Norway. Partly because of the bags, and partly because of the belief that the water should be boiling and the tea left in for at least five minutes. No wonder those who do drink tea here add huge amounts of sugar to it. Only when «artisan» coffee became popular in the '90s did tea become something more than 'black twigs' steeped in boiling water, at least for me. Lately we have seen some transformation, with the appearance of more 'high tech' teabags and some stores selling loose leafs (sadly, they almost purely sell scented black teas), but this is a diminutive change compared to the renaissance which coffedrinkers have experienced the last ten years. So I figured that if coffee could be so much more than brown powder turning into a cup of bitter brew, then what couldn't tea offer my palate. I had to explore, and I had to rid my memory of that harsh cup of 'tea' that I had tried many years ago.

Around 2005 I started hunting the internet for tea. After reading up on every thing tea, I landed on some taiwanese dong ding oolong. Which I've never regretted. From that day on tea has been a daily companion, and a good one too. We still don't have too many shops focusing on tea (only Le Palais des Thes have tried the waters here, so to speak, but every time I go there I feel like I'm being assaulted by the clerks, who are desperate to sell anything to anyone), which means that I have to maintain my private import operation for some time to come. Now I've tried countless variations and have expanded my horizon considerably. My tastebuds and olfactory receptors are thankful, and so am I.

Morning cup: Qi Men Mao Feng. Butter and malt. Pairs nicely with poached eggs, toast and cheese.

Currently: 4th steeping of an organic Gokujo Uji Sencha. Still sweet and floral, though it's getting weak.

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Jan 7th, '11, 12:54
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by TwoPynts » Jan 7th, '11, 12:54

Yunnan Golden Curls and yep.
How could I NOT keep drinking it?

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Jan 7th, '11, 13:50
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by Chip » Jan 7th, '11, 13:50

I could not 100% say I first purchased one tea or another, however I was drinking flavored teas and RoT (Republic of Tea), soooo, I will guess a flavored RoT. But it could have been a straight tea as well.

In any case, I drank the flavored teas briefly and then virtually stopped. I will only consider a few these days ... like a good sakura sencha ... it has to have an authentic feel to it.

Also I stopped buying RoT shortly there after as well. Back then they had pretty decent tea and offered a lot of so called rare teas, but the prices did not add up to the quality.

So, moved on on both counts.

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Jan 7th, '11, 17:57
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by Krabbenhueter » Jan 7th, '11, 17:57


my first tea was earl grey tea in a tin can
( hello from Jean Luc Picard, star trek :D )

Then I quick change to the green teas, like Lungching ... .


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Jan 7th, '11, 18:22
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by Chip » Jan 7th, '11, 18:22

Krabbenh... wrote:my first tea was earl grey tea in a tin can
( hello from Jean Luc Picard, star trek :D )
... you know, had Jean Luc tried sencha, the most famous TV tea quote ever would have been ...
Jean Luc (might have said) wrote:"Sencha, hot, well, but not realllly hot, but not luke warm either, somewhere in between. Oh and make that asamushi ... no fukamushi ... oh surprise me."
So, today had sencha, hot ... with the Mrs.! Sort of hot. Organic Yama No Ocho followed by Sayama ... both from Umami-Chaya.

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Jan 7th, '11, 19:09
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Re: Friday TeaDay 1/7/11 First TeaBuy?

by laura99 » Jan 7th, '11, 19:09

Jean Luc Picard also started me on Earl Grey tea! My first non lipton type tea would have been an Earl Grey tea bag, probably Bigelow or Twinnings from the grocery. At some point I switched over to Republic of Tea (still in bags). I still enjoy a cup occasionally, now with Adagio's Earl Grey Bravo.

My first loose leaf tea purchase was a gunpowder green from a local shop. I knew nothing on how to brew it, so I am sure I treated it like black tea. It was awful. Did not try again for many years, but very glad I did!

Tea day started with Ruby Black tea from Norbu. Then sipped on multiple steeps of Adagio's White Peony, with a break in between for a cup of Kiri no Mori matcha.