Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

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Perhaps a philosophical question. If you were a tea, which would you be? NOT your fave, which would you be?

A black
An oolong
A green
A white
A yellow
No votes
A pu-erh
A flavored
A decaf
A rooibos
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An herbal
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A flowering tea
A signature blend
Total votes: 34

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Jan 27th, '11, 00:22
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Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by Chip » Jan 27th, '11, 00:22

Welcome everyone to TeaDay!!! I mean everyone. So, fill a pot of tea and come share what is in your cup now and throughout the day. Post often and while you are here, be sure to see what is in everyone's cup as well! That is at least half the fun. If you must, you can also reflect back on your TeaDay...

Yesterday, responders shared how much tea is part of each day. You may still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Today's TeaPoll ... it can be philosophical, but it can be simply fun if you choose. If you were a tea, what would it be? I am NOT asking "What is your favorite, but which would you BE"! So, share with everyone today on TeaDay.

I look forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay today!!! Bottoms up! :mrgreen:

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Jan 27th, '11, 01:39
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by auhckw » Jan 27th, '11, 01:39

A puerh cause the older it gets better, value appreciation and tastier...

Puerh : Me
Better = More Knowledge
Value Appreciation = Increase in Financial
Tastier = More macho :)

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Jan 27th, '11, 02:43
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by IPT » Jan 27th, '11, 02:43

Hei Cha. Rough and primitive at first glance, yet smooth with a hint of sweetness on the inside, and just gets better with age.

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Jan 27th, '11, 03:09
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by debunix » Jan 27th, '11, 03:09

I am a deep-roasted Tie Guan Yin, mostly smooth and mellow, some spicy notes if carefully brewed, but capable of a certain bitterness if mistreated.

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Jan 27th, '11, 03:19
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by Nenugal » Jan 27th, '11, 03:19

I guess I'm puer too, a bit bitter in youth (although still nice in moderate amounts), but improving with age... :lol:

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Jan 27th, '11, 07:40
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by artmom » Jan 27th, '11, 07:40

A tea I'd be?

A full-bodied assam tea; smooth, flavorful, and very satisfying. Just a bit past my prime! :lol:

The Tea that came with my order from our friend IPT in China is Premiere Quality Tie Guanyin. Plan to brew it today. :)

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Jan 27th, '11, 08:11
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by karmaplace » Jan 27th, '11, 08:11

I'd probably be some kind of green, most likely a sencha ('cause I'm a greenhorn, get it?). Fresh, a little sweet, and vegetal. Also destined to become bitter if brewed too long. :lol:

I drank several pots of my bf's favorite tea today (something called "Sun Moon Lake High Mountain Oolong). Very tasty.

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Jan 27th, '11, 08:29
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by chrl42 » Jan 27th, '11, 08:29

Silver needle, pure, :)

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Jan 27th, '11, 10:33
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by TwoPynts » Jan 27th, '11, 10:33

Signature Blend baby -- don't try and pigeon-hole me! 8)

No tea in my cup yet, but I think I'll try a mix of blacks today. :twisted:

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Jan 27th, '11, 14:34
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by Marco » Jan 27th, '11, 14:34

Sometimes I am really harsh.
And treated wrong I am inedible.
But treated right you can get the most out of me.
Long lasting and getting better with some ageing.
So guess what I am :wink:

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Jan 27th, '11, 15:59
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by the_economist » Jan 27th, '11, 15:59

oolong. because being a black dragon is cool!

also, i like that oolongs take on all sorts of flavours and can do the age-ing thing too :)

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Jan 27th, '11, 16:24
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by AdamMY » Jan 27th, '11, 16:24

Not sure what tea I would be, but I know what tea is in my cup!

Sae Midori


Jan 27th, '11, 22:13
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by Skippyandjif » Jan 27th, '11, 22:13

I'd be a green tea, probably gyokuro. I'm quiet and subtle, but the longer you hang around me, the more I reveal about myself.

Rose congou all day today; probably going to have some matcha later.

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Jan 27th, '11, 22:59
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by nrstooge » Jan 27th, '11, 22:59

I put decaf.. for little or no substance... which is how I feel today... so.. back to my cup of tea...

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Jan 28th, '11, 13:53
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Re: Thursday TEAday 1/27/11 What are you?

by JRS22 » Jan 28th, '11, 13:53

I chose Puerh - affected by the aging process in good and bad ways, complex due to all those experiences, and variable from one steep to another. And I like to think of myself as still in my prime mentally, as puerh tea is in it's prime for many years.

In my cup this morning, my second attempt at finding the brewing sweet spot for Yu Qian An Ji Bai Cha (White Tea) Green Tea (Organic) 2010. I took a fellow Teachatter's suggestion and began to experiment with brewing greens with the lid off. Lidless brewing is not just for TPHK. I've also started using a tray instead of a napkin to catch drips. One of my kitties thinks the napkin is there for her nap (hence the name).
The Tray as Barrier
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