Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

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What are the odds that you will use a teabag for tea in the upcoming month? Please share how it could happen.

100% likley
>80% likely
>60% likely
No votes
>40% likely
>20% likley
0-19% likley
Total votes: 49

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Feb 28th, '11, 02:51
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Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by Chip » Feb 28th, '11, 02:51

Greetings and welcome to a new TeaDay. We hope you will drop in and share what is in your cup throughout the day.

Yesterday we discussed Tea of the Month for February. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. What are the odds that you will use a teabag for tea in the upcoming month? Please share how it could happen.

We are looking forward to sharing this TeaDay with everyone, bottoms up.

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Feb 28th, '11, 02:53
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by IPT » Feb 28th, '11, 02:53

That'll never happen. I don't like them.

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Feb 28th, '11, 02:54
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by auhckw » Feb 28th, '11, 02:54

0% on teabag.

Too cute to drink?



Feb 28th, '11, 03:29
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by Tadpole » Feb 28th, '11, 03:29

I'm going to use a teabag for sure. I fact, I am right now. I have a bag of Tazo chai in my giant mug, and it is YUM. There are a few boxes of bagged tea (gifts from friends) sitting next to my canisters of loose tea. These are great for rushed days where I just want to pour boiling water over a bag of something fragrant in my to-go mug before flying out the door. On occasion, I just don't want to take out my fun gonfu stuff or even mess with a teapot--like when I was sick a few weeks ago.

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Feb 28th, '11, 05:02
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by David R. » Feb 28th, '11, 05:02


I have the chance to be able to prepare proper tea at work (gaiwan, spring water, fine for everything that doesn't require a sharp control of temperature.)

Presently a 2005 Yiwu puerh, which provenance I cannot remember.

Feb 28th, '11, 05:13
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by Proinsias » Feb 28th, '11, 05:13

There will be many teabags over the coming month. Work, family and friends will all feed me teabag tea, with some milk it's drinkable if not remarkable.

Day off today, yay

Some Korean Nokcha in my little kyusu to aid recovery from a night of sheng, cigars and Japanese whisky.
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Feb 28th, '11, 05:22
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by Nenugal » Feb 28th, '11, 05:22

I wouldn't make it myself, but if friends offer tea when I visit, there is always a risk that it may come from teabags.

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Feb 28th, '11, 06:07
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by Trey Winston » Feb 28th, '11, 06:07

The chance is precisely zero. I don't have any teabags in the house, and don't plan on acquiring any. Out of the house I usually go for c*ffee.

Enjoying some Sencha today.

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Feb 28th, '11, 06:43
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by Herb_Master » Feb 28th, '11, 06:43


Unless, I need to employ a workman who spends sufficient time in my house to warrant the offer of a cup of tea


Unless I suddenly experience a blood sugar low and want a quick fix of

Teh Tarik
(Malaysian Indian Mamak way of making tea)

Malaysia itself has 'borrowed' many dishes from Indonesia and now calls them it's own, not too outrageous since thousands of Indonesians migrated to Malaysia 400 years ago, there are particular heavy settlements in the State of Negeri Sembilan.

More outrageous perhaps is the Thais calling Teh Tarik - Thai Pulled Tea - since Teh Tarik was definitely created by South Indian immigrants brought to Malaysia by the British during Victorian times to help in the Tea and Rubber plantations.

The Thais have certainly made it more flamboyant. ... re=related

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Feb 28th, '11, 07:50
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by Jasmin » Feb 28th, '11, 07:50

I replied 100% likely. I use them to make iced tea that we drink throughout the day. But otherwise I never use tea bags.

Does anyone know the amber dragon oolong from octavia? I really like it and am trying to find a similar one from adagio. No luck so far. It's dark, almost like a black, not bitter at all, sweet honey flavor, no grassy flavors.

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Feb 28th, '11, 07:57
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by ChinesePottery » Feb 28th, '11, 07:57

Although very unlikely that I use a teabag anytime soon, it is possible as I do have 3 "FixButte" from Teekanne left. German herbal teabags made of rose hip and hibiscus.

Not bad actually, I do like them if I recover from a cold.

Feb 28th, '11, 08:24
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by brlarson » Feb 28th, '11, 08:24

I keep some reasonable-quality tea bags around for when I travel, and I am traveling again this weekend. I keep Sugimoto S.A. sencha teabags -- these are the best of the bag teas I have found -- and Adagio Yunnan Gold teabags for desperate travel situations. I also have the occasional infusion of Sleepytime.

Jing's Ban Tian Yao for breakfast today. Perhaps matcha a little later.

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Feb 28th, '11, 10:09
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by debunix » Feb 28th, '11, 10:09

>80% likely, because I have two teas only available in bagged form--tulsi (holy basil), that I like to use in herbal tisane mixes, and a local C. sinensis tea grown in Santa Barbara.

Not sure if it's a sencha or silver needle morning yet.

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Feb 28th, '11, 10:18
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by laura99 » Feb 28th, '11, 10:18

Not very likely to use a teabag anytime soon. I do keep a couple of Tazo teabags from the old days in my purse for emergency situations. Came close to that yesterday while waiting at the emergency vet, but they came out with my cat just in time to save the day :). And glad to report the cat should be just fine, but with a few days of pain from a run in with a car.

I do need to get some bags from Adagio or such to replace those old Tazo bags.

Started the day with Yunnan gold bud (pretty boring there, most days start out with that). Since I am working from home where my Yixing is handy, a green oolong is up next, just need to decide which one.

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Feb 28th, '11, 11:23
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Re: Monday TeaDay 2/28/10 TeaBagger odds?

by karmaplace » Feb 28th, '11, 11:23

I usually never resort to them, but sometimes at work I'll be given a tea bag or offered a cuppa made with a tea bag... I don't like it, but I'll drink it if offered.

Today I tried some of Adagio's pouchong oolong. It's not my favorite of the samples so far, but not bad.

Chip, give us the good news on the SSOs already! :lol: It's already Tuesday for some of us.
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