Monday TeaDay 4/4/11 Bitter brewskie?

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Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. Generally how much bitter is acceptable? Generally, how much is too much? Please answer as best you can.

I like a good deal of bitter in my tea, rarely is it too much
I like a balanced level of bitter, it can be too much when imbalanced relative to other flavors
Very little bitter please, not much can be too much
None preferred, no tolerance for bitter
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Total votes: 32

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Apr 4th, '11, 21:15
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Re: Monday TeaDay 4/4/11 Bitter brewskie?

by debunix » Apr 4th, '11, 21:15

Bitter-phobe, here. My tolerance is better than it used to be. I can take a hint of bitter as in some young sheng puerhs, if it is balanced with a lot of sweet, but my tolerance overall remains pathetically low.

Drinking some purple bud Haiwan puerh today. Some terrific infusions, and some that were just ok. Started the day with a mystery white tea that was a gift to a tea-friend, quite a lovely delicate thing.

Apr 4th, '11, 22:37
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Re: Monday TeaDay 4/4/11 Bitter brewskie?

by Skippyandjif » Apr 4th, '11, 22:37

I like a balanced level of bitter. There is definitely such thing as too much of that for me... Odd, because I can quite happily eat really dark, bitter chocolate. :lol:

Rose congou all this afternoon; currently drinking a rosemary tisane.

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Apr 5th, '11, 00:04
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Re: Monday TeaDay 4/4/11 Bitter brewskie?

by TubbyCow » Apr 5th, '11, 00:04

I don't mind bitterness in certain contexts. If I'm drinking a quality 2nd flush Darjeeling, I almost expect a certain type of bitterness, and it often adds to the tea rather than detracts.

If I'm drinking a cheap green, bitterness is unsurprising as well as unwelcome.

Finishing out my TeaDay today with a huge glob of honey melted into some hot water. Mmmm. Hoping this cold goes away as quickly as it came! :D

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Apr 5th, '11, 01:54
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Re: Monday TeaDay 4/4/11 Bitter brewskie?

by Chip » Apr 5th, '11, 01:54

It is nice having sencha around again, the beautifully balanced bitterness makes for great TDs!

And today was a great TD ... next up was Aoi asamushi from O-Cha. Finishing with the 5ish day old sheng session ... I think this session is over. :lol: