Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. Would you rather ... on a trip take your "good teas" or go with the flow and drink whatever tea may be served. Please share.

BYOT all the way!
I would prefer to bring my own, but not good stuff
A toss up
I would likely not bring my own
No votes
Definitely going with the flow, whatever tea happens to come my way
Total votes: 24

Apr 13th, '11, 22:34
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Re: Wednesday TeaDay 4/13/11 Would you rather have TravelTea?

by Skippyandjif » Apr 13th, '11, 22:34

I bring my own tea. Before I go anywhere, I make sure to set aside at least enough tea to last me through the trip. (In fact, I'm doing that tomorrow afternoon in preparation for spring break.)

Rose congou this afternoon; currently drinking mugicha.

Apr 13th, '11, 22:52
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Re: Wednesday TeaDay 4/13/11 Would you rather have TravelTea?

by brlarson » Apr 13th, '11, 22:52

It's so difficult reproducing proper brewing conditions on the road that I've given up and have been bringing asamiya benefuki :shock: powdered tea on trips. I don't expect it to taste good so I can't screw it up, and it really does suppress my allergy symptoms.

Started the day with Jing's gift grade Keemun, O-Cha's Sae Midori with lunch and Kiwami shincha with supper.